What is an Electronic Water Descaler?

A home equipped with an electronic water descaler has many benefits. This article will explain how water descalers work are a valuable addition to your home safety plan.

What’s an electronic water descaler, you ask?

An electronic water descaler treats limescale deposits that are caused by hard water. It is used in approximately 60% homes in the UK. Other methods, such as magnetic descalers or ion exchange softeners can be more costly and ineffective.

The Benefits

Reduce the amount of “scum” in sinks and bathtubs.

Use chemical to soften water

Low cost solution.

Maintains the house’s pipework, including boilers and storage tanks.

Easy to fit. No moving parts.

Low maintenance.

Indicates an internal or exterior system problem.

It has no adverse effect on water’s chemical composition.

Get the benefits of softened water like e.g. Softer water is better for your skin.

Avoid using any environmentally harmful cleaning materials.

By avoiding more fuel, heating costs can be reduced.

What is the quickest time I will start to notice the benefits?

Once the unit is installed, it will start to soften the water. It will also prevent any limescale buildup. While it can take longer to remove deposits that have accumulated over time, they will disappear as the water softens. Limescale can be difficult to get rid of, especially when some of them took decades to accumulate.