Garage Door Repair – Professionals to Hire

Automated garage doors make life easier. They make it easy to get out of your car and manually unlock and raise heavy doors. Instead, all you have to do is click one button and the motor will pull it up for your. You can get the best guide on Garage Door Repair in Durham.

Like any mechanical system, however, there are always issues. If a malfunction occurs, it is best to be prepared so the problem can be fixed quickly so you can continue to use the convenience offered by it.

Below, we’ll discuss the 5 most frequent problems reported by homeowners. We’ll also cover how to determine when it’s time for garage door repairs by trained professionals.

#1 – Broken Springs

Your system is equipped with high-tension tension torsion Springs that assist the motor in lifting the doors upward. Although springs can be strong and last a long time, they are not durable. Repetition over many years can wear them down to the point they stop working. They will last anywhere from 5 to 20years depending on how they are made.

It is strongly recommended to not open your doors manually when a Torsion spring breaks. This could be dangerous. A release lever can be used to completely disconnect the spring from the door.

#2 – Damaged Panels

Over time, your doors will begin to show wear on the individual panels. There are probably more than 12 of them. If not maintained, your doors can begin to warp. Replacements are the best choice.

It’s vital to know that the panels serve as support for your door frame. If any of the panels are damaged, it can affect the alignment. This could put the entire system in danger.

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