Four Of The Most Popular Places In Peru

Peru is often called the land of Incas for its association to the expansive Inca Empire. This makes Peru one of the most beautiful countries around the world. If you are interested to visit this wonderful county, You can see on our website. these are some of the best spots you shouldn’t miss:


Arequipa, also known to be the white city is one of Peru’s most visited cities. The beautiful colonial buildings of Arequipa are a highlight. One example is the Spanish colonial architecture, which can be found all throughout the city. The beautiful surrounding countryside is home to many picturesque villages, which provide breathtaking views.

Arequipa also serves as the gateway to the country’s top natural attractions like Colca canyon, national reserve Salinas or Colca Canyon, as well Aguadablanca national sanctuary.

Arequipa is the perfect place to discover colonial artifacts, enjoy nature, and have a lot of fun.


Cusco, located in southwest Peru, is known as the archaeological capital. The Inca Empire’s capital, Cusco was taken by Spanish conquerors. Because of this, the city is rich in architecture that marries the Spanish and Inca styles.

The city can also be used as a base for exploring popular areas such as Machu Picchu National Park, Choquequirao or Sacred Valley Of the Incas.


This city is unique and is unreachable by roads. Access is only possible via boat or plane. It’s located on Amazon River banks, which makes it an ideal location for exploring the Amazon River.

You can also connect with Amazonian Natives to learn about the ayahuasca practices.


This is Peru’s capital city, and it also serves as the country’s gateway. Francisco Pizarro was the Spanish conquistador who founded the city. The city is rich in history due to its old age. It offers vibrant culture and an exciting nightlife.

You can also find ultramodern shopping malls where you will be able to buy the items of your dreams. Lima has beautiful beaches that can be used for surfing and relaxing.

These are four top places to go in Peru. Working with the best travel agency will ensure you can easily discover these beautiful places. Peru has many amazing travel companies.