Hardwood floors can be cared for to keep them looking beautiful

Hardwood is still the favorite flooring choice for homeowners. Hardwood requires little effort to maintain. Hardwood can be refinished many more times than laminate or engineered wooden. This will not only add beauty and warmth for years to your home but also increase its market value and speed up its sale. For hardwood to look its best, it is essential that you maintain next page

1. Hardwood floor cleaning

2. Hardwood flooring repair

3. Hardwood floor restoration

4. Hardwood floor protection

Cleaning Your Hardwood Everyday

It is important to know how hardwood floors should be cleaned. Dirt and grime can cause damage and even permanent scarring. You can also see dust on hardwood floors more clearly than on linoleum and carpet, especially in sunlight or with a dark stained floor. Wood floor care means dusting your floors once a month and cleaning up after any dirt and grit. Regular household dusting will cause damage. You must only use hardwood-specific cleaning products. Vacuuming, rather than sweeping, allows dust and dirt to be pulled from between boards. Make sure to use a vacuum attachment that is bare, not a beater-bar attachment. This could cause damage to the wood.

For more detailed cleaning, you should choose a cleaning method that suits your floor. If your floor is glossy, it’s likely that polyurethane, a water based urethane, and/or another finish have been applied to the hardwood to create a protective layer. If your floor has a matte appearance, it means that oil or wax has penetrated the floor. Water is not an acceptable cleaning medium for either of these finishes. Both can however accept damp-mop cleaning. The surface is being cleaned and not the hardwood. If you are using a damp mop to clean an oil and waxed floor, you can add a small amount of hardwood floor cleaner with neutral ph to the water. A floor protected by a glossy barrier can take a generic hardwood floor cleaning product provided it doesn’t contain wax or oil.