This is a better alternative to Magic Mushrooms for anxiety

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Two recent studies indicate that magic mushrooms, or psilocybin the psychedelic medication, can have significant health benefits for cancer patients who suffer from depression and anxiety. One dose of psilocybin provided relief for 80 percent in six months. Some were still free of anxiety four years after their initial treatment.

Researchers have found that magic mushrooms help reduce anxiety and depression. This causes neuroplasticity (a change in the brain). “MRI imaging research has shown that psilocybin alters brain activity. This enables communication between regions of the brain that ordinarily do not link.” This is believed be part of the breakthroughs people report.”

Dinah Bazer shares her story in Time Magazine’s December 1, 2016 article about how she took one dose of psychoactive psilocybin while participating in a study done at NYU Langone.

Dinah claimed that she felt scared at first. She felt like she was “tumbling into space.” After being calmed, she was able see her fear inside her body as a black mass. She took control and directed the black mass away.

She “… then began to feel love. I felt like I was being immersed in love. It was as overwhelming, amazing and wonderful. The sensation of enormous love lingered for many weeks. Four years later, I still feel it sometimes. My anxiety and fear disappeared, and they’ve never come back. The experience changed the direction I wanted to go in my life. I used to imagine what it would look like if the disease recurred. Now, I do not think that way. When I don’t feel well or thoughts of a possible recurrence enter my mind, it is difficult to fear. I simply say, “Let’s just see what happens.”

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